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Nursing process, quality of care and patient satisfaction in a public tertiary hospital


Maria Ela F. Durano

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Southwestern University

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October 2011


Majority (60%) belonged to 25 years old and below. The gender profile reveals that majority (80%) of the respondents are female nurses. Data shows that the majority of them (70%) are single and are Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree holder (83.3%). Only (13.3%) of the nurses having masteral units.

In terms of patient profile, majority (34.4%) are 30 years below mostly female (62.5%)
The level of implementation of the good nursing process was observed to be very good with a mean of 3.53. Similarly, the quality care among nurses was observed to be very good, with a mean of 3.53. In terms of the level of satisfaction on the quality care rendered by the nurses, it was observed that patients were very satisfied with a mean of 3.47.

There is a significant relationship between age and the implementation of the nursing process among nurses. On the other hand, there is no significant relationship between the profile and the quality care rendered by nurses and the level of satisfaction as well. In terms of the relationship between quality of care and satisfaction, it was observed that there is no significant relationship.

Based on the findings, it is concluded that age has a significant relationship with the implementation of the process. This means that the older the staff nurses, the more keen he/she is to his/her functions as well as the implementation, of the nursing process. Regardless of the profile background, the nurses provide quality care to their patients.


This study determined the level of utilization of nursing process and patient's satisfaction on the delivery of care in Biliran Provincial Hospital.


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