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Prevention, transmission, signs, symptoms and complications of pneumonia: Perspectives of mothers


Arianne A. Enecio

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Southwestern University

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March 2010


Majority of the respondents were in the age bracket of 35 years old and above with 52%. There were thirty-six (36) married respondents 0r 72%. Majority of them with a frequency of 29 or 58% were on their college level and a great portion of them were unemployed with twenty-six (26) or 52%. Results also showed that majority of the respondents have a number of 1-3 children. And most of the respondents have an income below 4,000 pesos that presents poverty line with 48%. On the other hand, there are twenty-eight (28) out of 50 respondents or 56% avail the Barangay health services.
There is no significant relationship between the profile and the level of awareness of mothers on the prevention and complications of pneumonia. The level of awareness on the signs and symptoms and transmission is almost insignificant to the profile except on the two factors: the age and transmission and the signs and symptoms and highest educational attainment of the respondents.

Age is associated with the level of awareness of mothers on the transmission of pneumonia as well as to the educational attainment and the level of awareness on its signs and symptoms.

The proposal for health education seminars for mothers should be implemented.


Objectives and Scope:
This descriptive study determined the awareness of mothers on the Prevention, Transmission, Sign, Symptoms, and Complications of Pneumonia. The study was conducted in Barangay Poblacion Del Norte Villaba, Leyte. There were 50 mothers involved in the study. The results of the study served as the basis for the health education seminar for mothers.


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