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F-dar as perioperative nursing documentation


Lilian S. Delgado

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Southwestern University

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October 2011


Effectiveness of F-DAR as perioperative nursing documentation is rated moderately effectively in the four aspects: assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, panning, implementation and evacuation. The profile has no significant relationship on the effectiveness of focus charting as a perioperative nursing documentation.

Based on the findings of the study, the respondents agree that FDAR (Focus Charting) is moderately effective as a Perioperative nursing documentation in VSMMC.

The proposed seminar-workshop for focus charting should be implemented. Administrators of the nursing division should emphasize enhancing the documentation skills using the guidelines of focus charting. Nurses and administration should on the collaborative potentials of integrating every nurse care management across departments.


Content and Scope:
The study aimed to determined the effectiveness of F-DAR as perioperative nursing documentation in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. This is a descriptive-corelational method of research utilizing the qualitative-quantitative approach


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