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Men in nursing: The changing image


Humbert Simon A. Dumagat

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Southwestern University

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May 2012


Utilizing the survey questionnaire and interview guide, the researcher interviewed a total of 16 respondents, 4 of which are male nurses which are employed in Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital, 4 male nurses that are not employed in a hospital but employed by a private institution, 4 female nurses which were under the care of the 4 male nurses which are hospital based and 4 female patients that are not patients in the above hospital but were hospitalized and taken cared of by a male nurse for the past year.
Based on the answers presented, it was shown that patients perceived male nurses as professionals and are competent enough to take good care of patients and are alert in responding to patients needs. As for the challenges of male nurses in rendering care to patients, the findings show that rendering care to female patients is the main challenge especially when care is needed to female patient's private parts.

Based on the findings of the study, it shows that patients perceived male nurses to be professional and alert in responding to patient's need especially during emergencies. Patients also perceive male nurses as physically reliable to hurdle physical challenges that are presented to a male nurse. It also showed that male nurses are usually challenged when taking care of a female patient especially young one's who require care of the patient's private parts.

Based on the findings of this study, the researcher recommends that more male nurses be employed in areas where male nurses are more most needed like the emergency room, the medical and surgical wards, orthopedic ward and psychiatric ward were physical abilities are needed to assist patients with their daily needs and less male nurses in areas where female patients are usually admitted like the female medical ward, female surgical ward, and the Ob-Gyn Ward. It is also recommended that male nurses delegate care to female nurses when the care needed is towards a female patient's private parts.


Objectives and Scope:
The study utilized the descriptive design using qualitative approach in determining the patient's perception towards care rendered by male nurses. Further it also presented the challenges of male nurses in rendering care to patients.


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