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Anxiety level of significant others during perioperative phase


Jeusser N. Diano

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Southwestern University

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Medical Surgical Nursing
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There is a significant relationship between the education and the intraoperative anxiety level of the respondents. This means that lower level of education is associated with higher level of intraoperative anxiety. Postoperatively, the age, gender and civil status is not associated with their post-operative anxiety. There is a significant relationship between education and the post-operative anxiety of the respondents.

Lower level of education is associated with higher level of postoperative anxiety. The relationship of the respondents to the patient is also related to their anxiety level. Sons and daughters are found to have higher level of postoperative anxiety. There is no significant difference in the anxiety level of the respondents before, during and after the operation.

The proposed coping strategy brochure should be utilized by the significant others of the surgical patients.


Objectives and Scope:
This descriptive-correlational research determined the anxiety level of significant others during perioperative phase of their surgical patients. It further determined the relationship between the profile and their anxiety level and compares their anxiety levels before, during and after the operation. This study was conducted at Ormoc District Hospital.


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