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Organizational stress and job satisfaction of the instructors in a city college nursing department, province of Cebu


Jhoan C. Daniel

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Southwestern University

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October 2010


The respondents were less stressed in the individual and non work level but they were stressed on the group and organizational level. The respondents were less satisfied with their job and the top 3 coping mechanisms are networking, praying and singing or listening music. The factors that contributed to their job satisfaction are the work itself, the friendly co workers and the work group.
Based on the findings of the study, the researcher concludes that the instructors were less stressed but less satisfied with the job.
The Proposed Action Plan should be implemented. The Administrators should provide an open door policy consultation hour for instructors and an area of private consultation, the administrators should also provide an area for networking within the Department and an area for praying.


Objectives and Scope:
The study determined the organizational stress in terms of individual, group, organization, and non work level; the job satisfaction; the coping techniques and the factors that contributed to the job satisfaction of the Instructors in a City College of Nursing Department, Province of Cebu. This study utilized the quantitative-qualitative descriptive design.


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